Hi there, I'm Nick.

I plan, design and manage innovative mobile products and customer experiences.

I help change the world by creating new digital tools which educate, enrich and change the lives of the people that use them.

As a product designer I naturally have an immense passion for truly understanding problems, empathizing with the people who experience those problems, and building solutions for those people following a human centred design process.

As a product manager I realize that delightful experiences don't happen by accident, that it takes planning and a design process focused around the end user to truly succeed.

As an entrepreneur and innovator who studies graphic design, web development, mobile app prototyping and business development, I've grown to love technology, the web, and mobile computing.

Projects & Case Studies

Personal Branding


Created during my time in design school with the goal of creating something timeless. Five years later, I haven't changed direction, what do you think?

Limitless Fitness

View on a mobile device for best experience.

Research Wireframes Design Prototype

Teaming up with a local personal trainer and a kinesiology student, I created a web app for personal trainers that allows them to expand their clientele reach and digitize their training plans.

During this project I met with other trainers, athletes and brand managers to conduct research as I iterated through wireframes and design.

More recently I have leveraged WebFlow to create a dynamic version using a CMS, that can be created from trainer input into Google Forms.


iOS Design Prototype

I love music and play the guitar often, so I created this iOS prototype to make it easier for both myself and others to learn common guitar scales.

I consider this a low-fidelity prototype but still pushed it to the App Store for my friends and others to use. Moving forward with this project I aim to add scales for the sharp keys, more scales and then some visual design, so download it and watch for updates

Brownie Social

Wireframes Prototype

Teaming up with a local entrepreneurs and creatives, I led the early design process which included a discovery session, weekly meetings, wireframes and InVision prototype creation.

View the InVision protoype

Local Table


Created during my time in design school with the goal of connecting local Haligonians with great places to eat.

lululemon Redesign


The lululemon mobile app used to have a slide out sidebar navigation. They have sense redesign to a tab bar based navigation paradigm but this was my attempt at redesigning their app using a feed based approach that focused on the community and lululemon ambassadors.

Say Hello

You can find me on Twitter sharing designs, mobile tech news and other geeky things. I also enjoy writing on Medium and discussing UX related ideas, and occasionally I'll publish some side projects I’ve been designing on Dribbble.