Become agile, transform your business.

Are you changing lives by educating through personal training, fitness instruction, nutrition coaching, or private classes?

Become agile and learn to iterate your business quickly in small ways to find a competitive advantage.

Surprise and delight your audience to captivate them creatively and authentically.

Transform technologically and discover new opportunities to provide innovate solutions.

Provide unique services for your niche.

Whether you’re looking for new ways social media can benefit your business, or looking to set clear strategic goals for your business.

I can help with all your needs:

  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Web Development
  • Videography
  • Strategy
  • Blogging
  • Web Analytics
  • Print Design
  • Marketing
  • Mobile Apps

Making great things happen with these clients

Creative solutions for a competitive advantage.

Limitless Fitness

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Web Design Web Development

I teamed up with a local personal trainer and a kinesiology student for this project.

We created a web app that provides personal trainers a new medium through which to expand clientele, while digitizing their training plans.

During this project I met with various trainers, athletes and brand managers to conduct research while iterating through wireframes and design.

lululemon "east" – Tee & Tank

**5 Year Basic Tee & Love Tank (models)

Apparel Design

I teamed up with lululemon Halifax for my latest project. 🍋

The goal? Design a shirt relevant to the east coast. Make it simple, clear, and specifically for the maritimes.

The only creative direction I had was use a simple clear font, and incorporate imagery such a wave, compass, or anchor and the word "East".

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Breathe and Relieve

Available for order: poster and prints.

Print Design

Sometimes life gets busy and it seems a little hectic. These moments can be some of the best.

It's important to remember to breathe and enjoy everything that we have. Sometimes the bustle can make you lose perspective on your priorities.

This print was intended to provide a little persistence, reminding us to inhale and exhale and stay true to the course.

Pricing will be determined by sizing and framing. If you would like a quote, please email or message me.

Acroyoga Photography

Instagram account and personal project.

Photography Social Media

I couldn't ask for a better teammate on this ongoing personal project.

Aleah and I created this account to explore our mutual passions of adventure, fitness, and photography.

Follow us on our travel adventures, while we practice our shared love of yoga together.

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You can find me on Twitter sharing designs, mobile tech news and other geeky things. I also enjoy writing on Medium and discussing UX related ideas, and occasionally I'll publish some side projects I’ve been designing on Dribbble.